The word SARMs is short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Initially, these supplements were developed for people who have problems with muscle atrophy and obesity. CARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue, acting in a similar way as anabolic hormones:

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They cause accelerated protein synthesis from muscle tissue;

  • Strengthen muscle growth;
  • Increase ATP and glycogen reserves;
  • Improve bone regeneration, etc.

That is why these supplements are often considered as a safe alternative to steroids and prohormones. Pharma Grade Product rangesare high you can order online from here any type of SARMs.

As you know, anabolic steroids have many side effects, including gynecomastia and prostate hypertrophy. Fortunately, SARMs are free from any side effects. They are safe and allow you to increase productivity, as well as make a beautiful shape without any difficulties. It is only important to use this tool correctly!

Types of SARMs

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